Stress Relief Coaching with Jo Maughan

Learn to manage your stress levels and cope better in challenging situations in only 7 sessions, with a coach who has been there herself and knows firsthand the challenges.

Become like JJo Maughan - Stress Relief Coachingo, reclaim your peace of mind through simple, practical techniques!

Benefits of Stress Relief Coaching

  • Reduce your stress to a healthy level.
  • Understand what your stress triggers are and where they come from.
  • Learn how to handle your stress triggers and how to manage yourself in stressful situations.
  • Be held to account on your actions.

All of which result in you reducing and letting go of your stress, becoming calmer and more healthy.

Jo’s stress relief coaching package is delivered 1-1 on the phone or skype over 7 coaching sessions which take place over 3 months.Stress Relief Coaching with Jo Maughan

Features of Stress Relief Coaching

  • 1-1 coaching over the phone or Skype at a time that suits you and fits in with your life.
  • Work with a coach with over 20+ years big corporate experience who suffered from stress herself and worked out how to manage it.
  • Learn and practice simple yet powerful techniques to relieve your stress.

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