Onsite Massage in the time of CoronaVirus – It’s Not Happening!

Onsite Massage in the time of CoronaVirus – It’s Not Happening!

Image by Vektor Kunst iXimus from Pixabay

The Global COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in some way, but some vocations and industries more than others… Onsite Massage, for example, along with most of the other service industry jobs have taken a massive hit… We are not currently delivering any of our services. This is the situation until further notice…

Instead, we are looking for alternative sources of income… Some of our therapists have pivoted to provide their side-gigs online instead…

If you’re interested, our onsite massage therapist Marco is providing online Chi Gung classes and Mindfulness Meditation… (links coming soon!)

In addition to this, we have put together an ergonomic desk guide for those of us suddenly ‘Working From Home’… So please read, implement the suggestions and look after yourselves!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A quick disclaimer, that with no income from massage, we are using affiliate links on this site to make a small income. So if you feel like it, please use our links 🙂 We’ve done the research for you, to save your time.

And here is our Curated collection of COVID-19 related content… Including supplements you need to stay healthy, some useful info on how long the virus lives on surfaces, plus global and UK statistics and other useful info…

Now get back to working from home, teaching the kids, disinfecting the groceries, walking the dog, staying fit, learning an instrument, being mindful… and…

Image by S K from Pixabay

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