What are typical Onsite Chair Massage Rates?

corporate massage rates, price lists and quotes

People often ask about typical corporate chair massage rates.

Perhaps you are doing research for a special event or are interested in rewarding your team for achieving their targets or after a particularly hard year?

corporate massage rates, price lists and quotesFinding out office massage rates can be the first step to getting an Employee Health and Wellness Program started in a new or existing office.

Sometimes getting an onsite massage price list is wishful thinking, but it shows an intention and a need within the company to provide enhanced wellbeing support to your staff.

Onsite chair massage rates do vary somewhat and it can depend on a number of factors. Bigger, more established Corporate Massage Companies may have higher onsite massage rates than individual onsite massage therapists just starting out. The downside of saving money is that there isn’t always the same support and backup if you go with an independent massage provider, but you may well get more personal service and flexibility from a solo therapist.

Of course, corporate chair massage prices are not everything and a number of other factors should be taken into consideration.

If you want a good service you have to be confident that the therapist or company can still provide their top level of service to your team for the price they quote. You don’t want to get a deal on the service only to find that they’re working at an unsustainable price point. Like all businesses, Corporate massage companies also have their own running costs, and with competition in the marketplace, it’s best not to enter into a price war… No one wins that way…

We believe that Onsite Massage London is the perfect size of corporate massage company, started by Simon, a hardworking Corporate Chair Massage therapist and over the years built up to include a team of hand-picked Shiatsu therapists who are experts in their field. The whole team has a depth of knowledge and experience that comes with years of training and working in offices throughout London. Once you’ve had a Shiatsu chair massage you will understand the power of the techniques and how fast the results can come.

If you would like to find out chair massage quote pricing for your company or event, then please reach out and contact us by email at info@onsitemassagelondon.co.uk
We’re always happy to give you bespoke onsite chair massage prices for your particular requirements, even being able to tailor-make your Employee health and wellness program from the ground up to suit your needs!
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
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