Office Chair Massage

Give your team a treat, help them with their back, neck and shoulder tension, as well as boost their energy levels, enthusiasm and morale for the company, in as little as 15 minutes, without leaving the office!

Office Chair Massage

This is what providing Onsite Massage to your team can achieve, quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption to your employees’ work schedule (who is missed from their desk for only 20 minutes?)

You’ll notice an almost instant boost to the energy and enthusiasm in the office, perfect if staff morale is low or you want to reward a team for working extra hard, hitting sales targets or winning a new piece of business.

Perhaps your company is in the midst of restructuring, redundancies or a merger; people are starting to worry about their job security and you want to reassure them that they are safe and valued members of the company. Booking in a day or week of onsite massage is the perfect way to send out the message that everyone is an appreciated part of the team.

Stress accounts for almost 14% of sick leave a year, as well as up to 80 million lost working days a year. The total loss of annual productivity due to stress can reach up to £5.3 billion. Why pay for stress?

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Bringing our specially designed Shiatsu massage chairs to you, we offer stress-relieving on-site massage in the convenience of your own office.

Onsite Chair Massage is a great way to relieve stress on over-worked staff. The treatment not only lowers the chances of staff ‘burn-out’, but also increases the rate of productivity and concentration while reducing staff absences.

We offer several Onsite Chair Massage Packages and can adapt to your needs.  For example, one highly cost-effective package we offer is 15 minutes of onsite massage for each member of your team, they’re only going to be away from their desk for about 20 minutes if your office is of average size.

If your team has been working extra hard then the longer 30-minute onsite massage sessions may be better to give your team a real pampering, reduce stress and tension in a big way, as well as really show your people that the company values them.

Designed to reduce both stress and tension and proven to reduce the number of staff absences a year, Onsite Chair Massage is an effective way of relieving RSI/OOS and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as back, neck, shoulder pain and tightness, while also being much cheaper and more effective than a round of pay increases.

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Onsite Chair Massage can be 15 minutes, 20 or 30 minutes in length.  A minimum booking is usually 3 hours, but please call to discuss your needs, we will do our best to fulfill your requirements

London Event Massage

Onsite Event Massage can also be a novel addition to your events; a great way to draw in potential clients and give them a relaxing treat.

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