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Getting the most Benefit out of Employee Health and Wellness Programs

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So perhaps you’ve started a new employee health and wellness program, but you’re struggling to get the best out of the corporate wellness programs?

Or are you looking to promote health and wellness in the workplace, but don’t know where to start?

There are any number of health and wellness companies out there, offering what they say is the best employee health and wellness program, but how to be sure?

Corporate health and wellness programs should be all about managing stress in the workplace… and rewarding your staff for their hard work and dedication.

As a start, it’s important to look at the needs of your company and your staff to find out what will help them deal with stress at work the best.

Wellness Ideas in the Workplace

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It may pay to start with a clear idea of what issues are present in your workplace. Including the causes of stress at work and looking for solutions to these. If you have a high staff absence rate due to sickness, it would be important to identify the cause of the illness first, then take steps to remedy this. For example, it might be poor food quality in the staff canteen leading to low nutrition and low immunity levels, or it might be intense or sustained work-based stress causing your team to crumble when the pressure is highest.

In the second example, it would be wise to look into the ways of managing stress at work to reduce stress levels.

It’s important to consider a number of wellness activities for the workplace to counteract the level of stress that everyone is inevitably under from time to time.

Workplace Wellness Challenges

Making efforts to promote a culture of increased fitness and reduced sedentary behaviour can go a long way to dealing with stress at work and improving office energy levels. So you may introduce standing desks, bike desks or treadmill desks, depending on how much room you have available. Perhaps just get a few and let your team hot-desk and swap around as needed.

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Introducing workplace wellness challenges is a great way to incentivise office wellness programs, with employees put into teams and points are given out for achieving set targets… Just don’t make it too serious, we all want to enjoy work more so try to implement fun workplace wellness ideas!

Of course, there are other health and wellness programs in the workplace to help deal with stress at work.

Increase Your Corporate Health and Wellness

To increase your corporate health and wellness you can take on the services of one of the Employee Wellness companies, such as Onsite Massage London, who can offer you their employee health and wellness programs such as Office Yoga, Stress Coaching or Corporate Massage. This can be an extremely effective way to manage stress at work because professional therapists and instructors arrive at your office on set days to deliver proven and effective wellness programs in your workplace.

These approaches do require there to be a health and wellbeing budget available, but if you look at the cost of illness on lost workplace productivity, then the cost is really negligible and can, in fact, be seen as an investment in your people and business!

If you are interested we have a number of Health and Wellness Corporate programs to choose from, so please feel free to get in touch by phone on 0207 101 4264 or email info@onsitemassagelondon.co.uk

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Simon Henderson

Simon is a trained Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage and Corporate Onsite Massage therapist with over 10 years of experience working in London. He is also trained as an Ergonomic Workstation Assessor and has carried out numerous assessments over a number of years in some of London's busiest offices. He is currently trying to make sense of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact on the service industry...

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