Egoscue Method Postural Assessment

The Best in-office Postural Assessments for your Employeespostural assessment - best sitting posture - good standing posture - perfect your posture with the Egoscue Method - posture and alignment

As you may know, to get the best results, along with your DSE Assessment, you should get a Posture Assessment too.

We all spend a huge amount of our waking lives sitting. Whether sitting at a desk while at work, behind the wheel of a car or on public transport, the bulk of our waking hours are spent in the seated position.

What this means for our bodies could be quite shocking to you. Experts are now saying ‘sitting is the new Smoking’. Meaning that the negative health impact of sitting is comparable to that of smoking…

We are the first to admit that is quite a dramatic assessment. In the UK we are a long way from the average American in terms of diet and level of movement in our day, but there is a definite trend towards our less healthy cousins in the US.

In order to counteract the negative health effects of too much sitting, it’s important to have a postural assessment to ensure the best sitting posture and correct standing posture.

This ideal posture and alignment can be easily attained through the stretching and posture exercises of the Egoscue Method, pioneered by Dr Pete Egoscue, an American anatomical physiologist in the 1970’s.

Through a posture assessment, your team can learn proper postural alignment and learn the technique and practice to achieve good standing posture.Posture Assessment - proper standing posture - perfect your posture - correct posture - postural assessment

Egoscue therapy begins with a static posture assessment and ends by giving the tools for your team to be pain-free, long-term!

So if your team needs postural analysis and posture-corrective therapy then please contact us today.

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