DSE Workstation Assessments

Are you looking to comply with the 1992 Display Screen Equipment regulations, or are you looking for the optimal ergonomic desk set-up?

Then why not try our DSE workstation assessments, designed to help your team members find their most ergonomic desk position.

ergonomic desk set up - DSE Workstation Assessment - posture pain treatmentOur DSE Assessments are delivered by one of our trained DSE Assessors, who visits each of your team members at their desks and delivers a tailored 20-minute workstation assessment, making whatever changes are possible on the spot, such as adjusting office furniture and correcting potentially harmful habits.

Following the ergonomics assessment, you will receive a DSE risk assessment report with each workstation assessment, an overview and a list of the outstanding actions required (such as the need for screen raisers or footstools) in order to complete the desk ergonomics tweaks.

This is the best way to provide an ergonomic desk setup across your entire office team, far superior to a DSE assessment form which staff tend to skip in favour of getting their work done.

In as little as 20-minutes per team member, you can have your entire team DSE compliant with the optimum ergonomic desk posture!

We can also provide longer, specialist DSE assessments for any pregnant team members or those suffering from more serious conditions such as long-term back pain. Specialist ergonomic workstation setup takes up to an hour per individual.

Our Ergonomic Workstation Assessments are the perfect complement to our onsite massage sessions. What could be better than returning from a neck, back and shoulder massage to your super comfortable ergonomic computer workstation!

Total bliss! No more neck and shoulder pain!

If you are in need of Display Screen Equipment assessment for your team, then please contact us today and we would be happy to answer any of your questions and give you a quote for your team.

Please reach out and contact us by email at info@onsitemassagelondon.co.uk
We’re always happy to give you bespoke DSE Workstation Assessment prices for your particular requirements, even being able to tailor-make your Employee health and wellness program from the ground up to suit your needs!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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