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Getting the most Benefit out of Employee Health and Wellness Programs

So perhaps you’ve started a new employee health and wellness program, but you’re struggling to get the best out of the corporate wellness programs? Or are you looking to promote health and wellness in the workplace, but don’t know where to start? There are any number of health and wellness companies out there, offering what they say is […]

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Benefits of Office Massage in London

Google’s famous headquarters, dubbed the “Googleplex,” has been getting a lot of public attention—free gourmet food, a campus-like atmosphere, and of course, their in-house massage therapist. And while not all companies or offices can afford to provide all these free perks to their employees, they can always get the most affordable and sought-after “fringe benefit”: […]

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How to Improve Employee Engagement

Are you trying to find out how to Improve Employee Engagement? Are you looking for a way to reward your staff for their hard work and dedication but can’t afford to increase salaries, give bonuses or share options?  Are you worried your staff will leave for greener pastures where they will have more opportunities and […]

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Acupressure Chair Massage in London

Acupressure Chair Massage can be one of the new ways to create buzz around employee morale and thereby increase productivity. With flexible massage schedule and terms, along with abundance of highly-qualified Acupressure Chair Massage therapists in London, it is the next option thing to a pay bump. Benefits of Acupressure Chair Massage in London to employer and […]

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