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corporate wellbeing packages - employee health and wellness programs

Running Employee Health and Wellness Programs in your company or office is one of the best things you can do for the health and wellbeing of your team!

Workplace stress is known to reduce the productivity of your workforce and increase sickdays, so providing regular workplace wellness is key to counteracting these negative effects.

We have a number of employee health and wellness programs for you to choose from. We are able to tailor or even custom make a package just for you!

If you’d like to find the best corporate wellness programs for your requirements, contact us by email at with your specific needs or challenges, team size, budget and what you’re planning to achieve with your corporate wellness plan.

Corporate Employee Wellness Programs

Onsite Corporate Chair Massage Packages

Have one or more of our highly trained and experienced onsite massage therapists come to your office for a day or two to deliver highly-effective acupressure chair massage to your entire staff team.

corporate wellbeing packages - Employee Health and Wellness Programs

15 minutes of Shiatsu Chair Massage – the shortest onsite massage package we offer. Allows the most members of your team to receive a massage in a day of massages booked.

20 minutes of Shiatsu Chair Massage – the sweet spot for our onsite massage service. This option gives a balance between the number of employees who can receive a massage in a booking and the depth of treatment that they can receive.

30 minutes of Shiatsu Chair Massage – the most luxurious option, to allow your team to really relax in the massage chair, and release their back, neck and shoulder tension. This comes at the compromise of the number of massage sessions we can deliver in a booking. But it’s worth it!

For more information about our corporate chair massage service, please send us an email at and we’ll tell you all about our corporate wellness plans.

Get a DSE Assessment for each member of your team

With our Workstation Assessment Service, you can have your entire team taken through the process of our DSE Risk Assessments and Desk Ergonomics Assessment.ergonomic desk set up - DSE Workstation Assessment - posture pain treatment

This will involve a one-to-one assessment from our trained DSE Assessors, who will spend 20 minutes with each member of staff to ensure that they are working smartly and efficiently. Our VDU Risk Assessment ensures that everything is set up optimally, from the furniture to the computer screen to the way your employees use their desk space.

It’s the law to give each employee a Display Screen Equipment Assessment (DSE Regulations 1992). It’s important to reassess team members on a regular basis to ensure that they are experiencing optimal comfort and using their workstations effectively.

Individual Posture Assessments

While having our desks set up optimally can help, we all spend so much time at our desks these days that sometimes we need extra support!

Are you or is anyone in your team suffering from posture-related pain and tension?Posture Assessment - proper standing posture - perfect your posture - correct posture - postural assessment

We can help you! Just ask about our posture assessment expert!

Our specially trained Egoscue practitioner will give your team members an individual assessment and provide a tailored exercise and rehabilitation plan for them to follow.

Personalised plans are the way towards better posture and a pain-free body!

Onsite Massage London – the Corporate Massage Company

We are a corporate wellness company founded in 2011 by Simon Henderson, a Shiatsu therapist and corporate onsite massage therapist.

Simon has worked with some of the top companies in London, delivering onsite massage and ergonomic desk assessments for over 10 years.

Simon studied Shiatsu at the London College of Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage at Muditha Thai Yoga, onsite massage at The Walk-In Backrub, Craniosacral Therapy and RESET (Kinergetics) among other modalities.

All of our onsite massage therapists and DSE assessors are highly trained, experienced and professional.

COVID-19 Health and Hygene

When we visit your offices our team will adhere strictly to your company Covid-19 health and safety policy.

We always observe strict hygene and clean our hands and massage equipment between clients, but any additional health and hygiene policies will be observed by our team.

If you require our practitioners and assessors to wear masks in your office, we will.

If you require our practitioners and assessors to provide a negative Rapid Test, we will.

Please let us know your COVID-19 requirements and expectations when you book in your sessions. We will ensure that our therapists and assessors observe the rules for the duration of their visit to your premises.

Please note: Even if you don’t require masks in your office, some of our therapists and assessors may choose to wear them anyway. Your staff members are welcome to wear masks during their treatments and assessments if they prefer.

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If you’d like to receive a quote on the best corporate wellness package for your requirements, please contact us by email at with your specific needs or challenges, team size and budget. We will get back to you with a quotation for your personalised corporate wellness plan.

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